It’s the 28th of whatever month and I have money again. Yass, bring on takeaway food and nights out. As soon as I’ve checked my online banking to confirm I have been paid I immediately go on Misguided, Asos, Pretty Little Thing etc. I start to scroll through, oh look, denim jacket that is more ripped than material, I need that in my life. Camouflage printed cargo pants, need them. Sweatshirt that looks like its been bitten by moths, yes get that right in the basket.

Okay, so I’ve never actually bought one of those moth bitten sweatshirts and camouflage isn’t my thing but you get what I mean. We’ve all done it. Bought things pretty much for the sake of buying it. But its 2018 and I am stopping this habit of being led by trends and using PayPal like it doesn’t take money out my bank. Too many times I get things in the post and I think why did I buy this? It looks nothing like what the model wore, the material is scratchy, and the fit is wrong and when I really, really do love what I’ve bought I will wear it once and it will stretch out or bobble after one wear.


So last year I did a massive clear out so now all the clothes in my wardrobe are things I absolutely love/ will be wearing in the near future.  I still love clothes and always have my eye on something (a million things) but I am making a conscious effort now to stop buying as much fast fashion and buy more quality pieces that I will wear time and time again. Below are some tips on how I cleared out my wardrobe and what I will be doing in future to make sure every item I buy gets the cost per wear.

  • Clear out that wardrobe- If you’ve not worn it in a year, if your not going to wear it in a year and if it cant be made into some sort of pajama top then GET RID OF IT (not in the bin, cause waste and that, but put it to charity “other man trash/treasure”). Also do this regularly, when the weather begins to warm up I’m going to quiet the screaming inner hoarder in me and put to charity all the winter clothes that I didn’t get any wear out of this year and cant see wearing it next year.
  • Buy vacuum bags- Those things that you put all the stuff in to (clothes, pillows duvets etc) vacuum it all up and it gets nice and small and easy to store. When the season changes put all your winter coats, jumpers, bikinis, floaty dresses, etc into the vacuum bags and up the loft or any free cupboard so your wardrobe is nice and clear with only the clothes you will be getting the wear out of. Makes life so much easier when you’re trying to find that massive roll neck knit and there’s not a million floaty Bardot tops in your way teasing you about the warmer days. It also makes things easier to put to the charity shop as every new season you will need to pull these old clothes out and you can tell what you really like/don’t.
  • Know your style – I think knowing what you like and what you don’t like really helps in not buying random stuff. Have a look on Pinterest and see what styles you like and keeping to that line of style helps me to know what to buy and what not. So, for me I like neutral colours so I’m not going to buy something bright green because I just wont get the wear out of it. I also like smart tailored clothes, but at the moment sport lux is so on trend so I try keep my personal style in mind when I’m buying a hoodie, etc. Will I wear this hoodie? Will I still feel smart in it? Will it go with nice trousers?

Hope these tips help

Ashley xx