I was in shopping in Boots earlier this month and picked up a few great cruelty free products.

Shopping for cruelty free items is extremely easy! You would be surprised how many large high street brands stock a variety of cruelty free products!

The first product I picked up was dry shampoo. I can’t live without dry shampoo, I have really long hair and I am so guilty of leaving washing it until I absolutely need to. So I got myself some dry shampoo by Batiste, batiste is cruelty free and their dry shampoo is also vegan! This product is fairly cheap and easy to get in most stores, There is a number of different great scents I bought the tropical scent as it was reminds me of summer.
Another product I can’t live without is fake lashes. I don’t feel right if I’m out for a special occasion or night out without fake lashes! A lot of eyelash brands are cruelty free, Yay! Ardell Demi Wispies are a great set for natural looking lashes. I bought the normal wispie ones which are slightly longer than the demi wispies but still really natural. I love how the lash band is clear it makes them easier to apply. I also got two pairs from eyelure including a set of the new Cheryl Cole lashes in the style belle of the ball. These are very dramatic so I will save these for when my eye makeup is slightly heavier. The last pair I got from eyelure were from their new enchanted collection the style was called jasmine and that’s what attracted me to them as I love the smell of jasmine! These lashes have turned out to be my new favourites they give lots of volume and Iv had so many people complimenting them!

Yes To is a cruelty free skincare brand found in boots I’v used their cucumber face wash before and loved how gentle it was on my skin and the smell was great too. I was at a wedding recently and decided to get one of their new face masks to prep my skin the night before the wedding. I got the Yes To grapefruit brightening mask. It’s a two step product where you use the facial scrub first to buff away dead skin and then the brightening mask to give your skin a glow. This smelled great and made my skin super smooth and perfect to apply makeup on after.

I picked up a few essentials whilst I was there. For me hand moisturizer is an essential   as my hands can get very dry as I am either washing them or sanitising them before applying makeup on people for work so they can dry out easily. The soap and glory hand food is really nourishing and smells fabulous! I also got body wash. This body wash by the brand original source is amazing! They come in a variety of scents that all smell delicious and are all vegan to. I got the sweet apple and vanilla milk one its really sweat and I love the pink colour in my bathroom. You can usually get original source on offer for a pound in a number of stores. I’d definitely recommend choosing a cruelty free brand when it’s so easy to get and cheap!

Finally I got two lip products, I’ve been looking into dupes for mac lip liner in spice and this Nyx lip liner in the shade Ever kept coming up. The lip liner cost less than three pounds, applies easy and the colour looks pretty much the same from what I can see online.  I love when you find a cruelty free dupe that is also really affordable. In Boots they have lots of beauty counters. The one make up counter that is cruelty free is Bare minerals. I treated myself to this lipstick from Bare Minerals in the shade Sex Pot. It’s a great beige nude and lovely and moisturizing on the lip. The lip liner and lipstick go great together and work well to make your lips look bigger!