I recently received The Vegan Kinds Beauty box.

I have been wanting to try their beauty boxes for ages and can say I was defiantly not disappointed.

The Vegan Kind started in 2013 providing subscription boxes filled with vegan goodies which has now grown into an online vegan supermarket. I discovered TVK through Instagram and it has been a massive help since I have become vegan in discovering new products!  For me Instagram has been the best source for discovering accounts like TVK and vegan makeup / clothing brands etc.  The Vegan kind do two subscription boxes a lifestyle box and a beauty box and here is my review on the beauty box!

Amie, Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish – I recently went on holiday where my forehead got seriously burned, lesson learned factor 50 from now on! When my skin began to peel I found this product amazing at buffing away the dead skin while still being gentle enough on the sensitive skin. The directions advise for this to be used twice a week. I use this on a weekday and before I go on a night out! I l love using the body shop charcoal mask before a night out so my skin looks great and the makeup applies smoother. However, that can make your skin very red after use and I find the Amie polish works the same without making your skin red! This stuff also smells delicious, it reminds me of solero ice lollies making it super summery! I would definitely buy this again and have checked the price on Amie’s website at £5.95 its super affordable!

Maggie Anne Beauty, Strawberry and Grape Nail polish remover – The smell of this product is driving me insane. It smells so familiar but I can’t figure out what it smells like! Apart from giving me deja vu the smell is lovely and fresh much better than the typical chemical smells of ordinary nail polish remover. This has easily removed all nail polishes I have worn including reds and shimmers! It doesn’t dry your nails and fingers out the way I’m used to with other removers! I’ve been on the Maggie Anne beauty’s website and would re purchase and would love to try some nail polishes, I have my eye on the colour grace a lovely summery pink.

Zerreau Towel off Shampoo – This is a dry shampoo foam that you work into your hair like a hair mouse the foam lifts grease and product build up and you then towel dry your hair to remove the product. This unfortunately didn’t work great in my hair. I have very dark hair and lots of it so when I applied this and toweled it of I could still see residue in my hair which almost made it look greasier, not ideal. I used this a few times and found the best way to apply was directly onto your hands and then work into small sections of the hair. This had an amazing coconut smell and I would defiantly recommend to people that find typical dry shampoos like batiste to harsh and drying on your scalp this would be a great alternative.

Phb ethical beauty all in one mascara – I am very picky with mascaras I usually avoid fat fluffy brushes with wet formulas.  I like thin plastic brushes as I typically find they catch all your lashes easier.  However, this has quickly become one of my favourite beauty products at the moment. This product is amazing! It coats all my lashes and the colour is super black! It makes them look fuller and fluffier but still gives them length which I like. It can get a little messy and maybe isn’t ideal for lower lashes but I really don’t care about that as I’ve found it so great at giving me huge lashes! This claims to be water resistant and this is very true not once have I ever had smudging with this mascara but it’s still very easy to remove and doesn’t take all your lashes with it when removing! I can’t believe this is made with natural ingredients as it performs so well, its made with botanical oils that are supposed to strengthen and lengthen your lashes. Iv defiantly noticed my lashes have been stronger since using this. I usually have gaps where lashes have fallen out but haven’t noticed that recently! I will defiantly re purchase! This has a mid-range price tag at £15.95 but I believe its worth it!

Aquaesse Equilibrium water – This is a very smart little product. Its water with vitamin B12 added to it. B12 is something most commonly found in animal products so when going vegetarian or vegan make sure you consider how to incorporate the vitamin into your diet. I usually take B12 tablets or multi vitamins with B12 in it. Another great source is fortified cereals! This product however is a 2 in 1 as it also hydrates you! it tastes just like water and the pink colour is so pretty.  It comes in a lovely glass bottle which I’m going to keep and use as a vase.

Vita Coca coconut oil – Finally in the box you get a sample size of coconut oil. I already have the larger jar of this so will bring the coconut oil sample the next time I travel. I don’t have enough good things to say about coconut oil. This is the product I would take with me to desert island I used it for everything! I used it too cook with. And basically, for all beauty needs! If you’re not on the coconut oil band wagon yet where have you been?