Switching to cf/vegan beauty products honestly wasn’t that hard. Maybe being vegan can make it trickier with carmine etc but overall so many well known brands, Urban decay, Bare minerals, Superdrug to name a few all don’t test on animals. Then you have a fabulous mix of online brands that are predominantly cruelty free, Anastasia Beverly Hill, 100% pure etc and leading body care company’s like Lush and body shop are cruelty free so again that wasn’t hard. It didn’t take long to filter my make up to only cf products. However one thing I did find hard switching was Hair care products.


A little background on me I studied hair dressing in college and my first job was working in a salon for a few years. During this time I learned what were great hair products and what weren’t. I became extremely fussy with what I used in my hair and knew what worked for me and didn’t. Unfortunately  what I was using (Wella Professional Im looking at you) tested on animals. Eugh.  I was a complete hair product junkie I had every volume product you could think of in every consistency – mouse, spray, powder the lot. I had a different hair spray for night and day and heart protectors salt sprays, everything you get the point.


I began to look for cf/vegan alterinatvis. I used these products up and I started simple by finding a cruelty free vegan shampoo and conditioner I absolutely loved. I also wanted to make sure it was a more natural product as a lot of shampoos can be full of nasty’s that coat your hair to give a false shine but aren’t good for the hair.  I tried Dr organics Rose scent, it was okay. Sukin protein shampoo was pretty good, smelled amazing but can make your hair kinda tangled and I finally found my absolute favourite Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner for normal hair. This is by far the best Iv tried. It thoroughly cleans the hair, smells amazing and doesn’t  leave a  coating on your hair! A close second favorite is Akin shampoo and conditioner, this would be a better option for you if you don’t agree with parent companies as Iv not seen it being owned by another company that tests.

So for a while I had only been using shampoo and conditioner as I wasn’t keen on any of the styling products I saw on the high st. I have recently found Maria Nila styling products online all 100% vegan and super good quality! I have yet to try their shampoo and conditioner but will make sure to. I always use the cream heat spray straight after conditioner to avoid heat damage from dryers and tongs. I like the salty mist if I know I wont be washing my hair for a while (which is a lot) as it gives a lot of grit to your hair and good for messier styles. Finally the hair spray has a good strong hold but not to sticky. Also this is pretty much perfume for your hair it smells that good.


Hope this helps you if your planning switching up your hair care routine


Ashley xx