I love a good lipstick.

Especially when the leaves are orange and falling. I love having a bit more colour in my looks when the weather is colder. I think it helps to distract from my skin which can get quite dry and tired in the winter. I usually go for a matte lipstick in Autumn and a gloss In the summer. Matte colours are usually more pigmented and bold. Listed below are my top 4 I’ve been reaching for.

100% pure Semi matte lipstick in Blood orange- This is by far my favourite off the four. The formula is beautiful, it’s fairly matte and not drying at all on the lips, nothing worse than cracked lips. This lipstick also lasts so long I can apply before work and not have to worry about fading or smudging throughout the day. The colour is a deep red but is light enough to brighten the face. Dying to try some other colours from this range.

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita 2 – I know Lolita is a very popular but for me it’s too cool toned and washes my complexion out. This has more of a warm peachy tone which suits me better. Because of the matte finish and depth to the colour I didn’t reach for this in the summer but have found myself picking it up now in the Autumn. I’am very fussy with liquid lipsticks but these liquid lipsticks are comfortable and don’t dry out my lips.

Anastasia Beverly hills in Ashton – I had seen this shade on so many people on Instagram/youtube and it looked beautiful on them. Ashton is a brown toned lipstick and I thought it would look absolutely terrible on me. However, after seeing one to many gorgeous girls looking fab in this lipstick I finally decided to buy it. I applied a thin layer of this to start with and was surprised to find it actually looked okay! It has hint of red to it so doesn’t wash out the face too much. The only sad thing is I really don’t like the ABH liquid lipsticks. For me they are very drying and can settle into any lines on my lips. I find applying a thin layer and adding a little gloss or balm in the middle is the best way to avoid the dry feeling.

NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen – I love the NYX soft matte lip creams they don’t dry out and last a nice amount of time. This colour is nice and vampy on me but not to dark. However, I don’t think I will re purchase this as NYX can’t confirm any of their products are vegan. They are also owned by a parent company who test on animals even though they have always been cruelty free themselves. When I first started using cruelty free products I never paid attention to the ingredients or the parent company’s but have started to take that into consideration when purchasing things now.

Ashley xx