Month: February 2018

Cruelty Free Vegan Hair Routine

Switching to cf/vegan beauty products honestly wasn’t that hard. Maybe being vegan can make it trickier with carmine etc but overall so many well known brands, Urban decay, Bare minerals, Superdrug to name a few all don’t test on animals. Then you have a fabulous mix of online brands that are predominantly cruelty free, Anastasia Beverly Hill, 100% pure etc and leading body care company’s like Lush and body shop are cruelty free so again that wasn’t hard. It didn’t take long to filter my make up to only cf products. However one thing I did find hard switching was Hair...

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How I sorted out my closet and trying to buy less.

It’s the 28th of whatever month and I have money again. Yass, bring on takeaway food and nights out. As soon as I’ve checked my online banking to confirm I have been paid I immediately go on Misguided, Asos, Pretty Little Thing etc. I start to scroll through, oh look, denim jacket that is more ripped than material, I need that in my life. Camouflage printed cargo pants, need them. Sweatshirt that looks like its been bitten by moths, yes get that right in the basket. Okay, so I’ve never actually bought one of those moth bitten sweatshirts and...

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