Month: September 2017

Autumn Lipsticks

I love a good lipstick. Especially when the leaves are orange and falling. I love having a bit more colour in my looks when the weather is colder. I think it helps to distract from my skin which can get quite dry and tired in the winter. I usually go for a matte lipstick in Autumn and a gloss In the summer. Matte colours are usually more pigmented and bold. Listed below are my top 4 I’ve been reaching for. 100% pure Semi matte lipstick in Blood orange- This is by far my favourite off the four. The formula...

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Go to Autumn Make-up

Its darker in the mornings and I’m rummaging around my wardrobe for scarfs. I really fancy anything pumpkin flavoured and burgundy is my new favourite colour. It’s officially Autumn. Although I hate the temperature drop, I love Autumn trends and make-up. I am done with no make-up, make-up looks, gold eyeshadow and glossy lips and I am ready for full coverage foundations a bold statement lip and lashes. Hourglass Vanish stick foundation is my go to foundation for more coverage. It leaves the skin completely flawless but doesn’t look or feel heavy and has a nice natural skin like...

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Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review

So this is my second beauty box from the vegan kind and I am so happy I decided to get the beauty box subscription. Whenever I see the lifestyle box being posted it looks amazing and I am always jealous so I’m seriously considering getting both! If you don’t know what the vegan kind is or anything about the subscription boxes I have explained them more in my last review a few months ago! Chirp body hair mask – This was the first product I used in the box, it’s a lovely hydrating mask made up of natural oils....

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