Month: August 2017

5 tips about eating vegan abroad

Before going vegan one of my main concerns was what it would be like to eat out in a different country. I am so fortunate living in not only the UK where being vegan is pretty much mainstream with so many meat and dairy alternatives being sold in stores but also to live in Glasgow. Glasgow has many fully vegan restaurants in several different parts of the city. Many restaurants that sell meat also have separate fully vegan menus as well so the choice to eat out is endless for me. In other countries though I know it can...

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Sun Protection – Cruelty-free – Mineral

I have naturally dark hair and sallow skin you would think I would tan just by looking at the sun but that’s not quite the case. I’ve never really had a natural tan, I’ve caught the sun a little on my shoulders, hips and tops of my feet before but that’s honestly been the extent of my natural tan. This year I wanted to change that, this year I was going to get a full deep body tan. I was determined. I was going on holiday in May and I had visions of my fake tan free, golden skin...

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